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José Afonso & Filhos has state-of-the-art equipment allowing it to have an optimal response in its productive capacity to face ever more demanding challenges and still having the capacity of taking advantage of new business opportunities that might emerge.

The production process is divided into three units:
- Sawing of wood
- Pellets Factory
- Fábrica de briquetes

Madeira Serrada Pellets Briquetes

     Sawing of wood



Sawing of wood

Wood Type
The wood that we saw is solely maritime pine “pinus pinaster”.

We have a stock of quantity and quality of pine logs, which allows us to respond swiftly to the different orders we get.

Our wood serves different purposes of which we emphasize the pallet wood assemblage, wood packaging material and construction and building material.

Wood Preservation

  • Thermal Treatment
    Our wood is exposed to a heat treatment HT according to the NIMP15 certification.

  • Chemical Treatment
    After the thermal treatment, our wood is treated with a chemical preservative to improve its durability.

<strong>Wood Building Material</strong><br/>Rectilinear timber structures can range up to 2,5 m and are of superior quality, essential characteristics for the building material segment. The material is sorted out by a selection system that cube-shapes and directs the raw product along the adequate production line meeting the requested characteristics of the final product. <strong>Palletization and wood packaging</strong><br/>We supply all sizes of wood, necessary for pallets and packaging: lumber, joists and laths.

   Lumber for Construction
Sawn Wood
for pallets and packaging

From the process of cutting and sawing wood, we obtain a number of byproducts, which can have a number of different uses, like raw material for other industries, or from an ecological point of view, as fertilizers and energy provider, among others.

<strong>Bark</strong><br/>Bark: is a by-product resulting from the first operation of the production process, namely, the stripping of the pine log. This by-product can be used as heat provider in several industries given its big advantage of performing well in terms of excellent energy supplier both during winter and summer due to its usually low moisture level. We can also make use of this by-product is for gardening. In this sector of activity, it can be used as mulch or as an organic fertilizer. <strong>The Sawdust</strong> (or wood dust )<br/>Is composed of an agglomerated of fine wood particles originated during the production process in our sawmill. After passing our selection process, improvement and drying process, we use this by-product for the manufacturing of our pellets and briquettes (Nova Lenha). <strong>Wood Chips</strong><br/>Woodchips are small fragments of wood resulting from timber processing through a shredder of off-cuttings and other debris thus profiting from tree waste.This byproduct is used as a raw product in the manufacture of Pellets and Briquettes.For these industries, wood chips are submitted to a new grinding process after which it becomes comparable sawdust.





Nova Lenha pellets are solely manufactured out of clean pine (sawdust/chips) with no addition of additives resulting thus in a 100% natural product. By selecting mainly only sawdust from our sawmill we can guarantee that the quality requirements are met.

Characteristics (approximate values): (Valores Aproximados)
- Heat power: 4.700 Kcal/Kg, 18 Kj/Kg
- Residues: minimum residual ash, 0,50 %
- Moisture: minimum value, 6% a 7%
- Components: Pure Pinewood 100%, compressed with no additives
- Storage: Unlimited (Protect from humidity)

Instructions for use:
Burn in intended wood pellet stoves following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

<strong>Pellets</strong><br/>By selecting only high quality flour, mainly from our sawmill, we have a guarantee that the quality levels will be achieved



“Nova Lenha” wood briquettes are of Pinikay type.
Here we refer to octahedron, compact, high-density blocks of briquettes with a central hole in them.

These briquettes are 100% of pure pinewood sawdust, with very low moisture levels. They are compacted by a mechanical press, which allows obtaining high-pressure compaction with no need of additive substances.

- Heat power: Approx. 4.500 Kcal/Kg
- Residues: After combustion, 3 %
- Moisture: Almost none, 5% to 7%
- Components: Compressed 100 % vegetal wood
- Storage: Unlimited (Protect from humidity)

Instructions for use: Like traditional wood.
Briquettes are use in fireplaces, heat recovery units, ovens, wood stoves, boilers, heaters, barbeques and others. Although similar to traditional wood, it has a superior calorific power, which must be taken into consideration to avoid overheating.