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Pursuing the big goal, which for us is the satisfaction of our clients, we have developed a series of services to enable us to streamline the whole production process, in a more effective way. These services range from global process, forest exploitation with the evaluation and acquisition of raw material until the moment when our clients state their satisfaction after having their needs covered.


We have been assisting to an increasing sensitiveness towards the creation of awareness of companies and people with regards to the environmental factors. It is with this aim in mind that Jose Afonso & Filhos pursues a concept of sustainable development that links economic development and the need of environmental preservation of natural resources. All this is reflected in the capacity of the companies to adjust themselves to new demands, mainly for those whose businesses fall upon the forest resources exploitation.

The company purchases the trees to forest producers who express their interest in selling. After a first approach by the owners, a responsible officer is sent to the site to evaluate and sign the contracts for the acquisition of the wood. This process is concluded after the several steps of cutting, dead-wooding and transport of the trees is achieved, always respecting the elementary rules, both at environmental and commercial levels.

Should you be a forester and interested in selling your trees, you may contact us will send you our commercial offer.


The company’s fleet is prepared to respond to all kind of requirements along the production process and is divided into three departments:

. Transportation of forest products
We have logging trucks with cranes, which are equipped to work in the forest loading and collecting the logs to its destination at the mill.

. Transportation by-products/bulk
This department deals with the transportation of wood by-products such as sawdust, splinter, bark and wood pellets, when sold in bulk.

. Freight Transport
It provides transportation of all our products from our facilities to the warehouses of our clients.Our company owns a patent for the delivery of goods both at national and international level avoiding empty backhauls thus, taking advantage of our fleet and reducing costs.

We have a special service (D. Transportation) where you can get information on in-store availability and rates for this type of service.