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Company Nova Lenha, Lda,started its activity in 1995, having for sole goal the production of pinikay briquettes.
From the very beginning, quality has been one of our leaders main preoccupations.To achieve this, they equipped our company with the necessary human and technological resources essential to the accomplishment of this purpose.
Over time and to this date, our company has been winning recognition for the high quality of its products.


In August 2004, the company underwent a major renovation, resulting in the acquisition by José Afonso & Filhos, Lda. of Nova Lenha, Lda. allowing thus, its entrance into the JAF GROUP and to be managed by a group of people with great experience both at regional and international level.
After joining the new group, the recorded growth rate allowed an expansion all over Europe. As a consequence of this, the company ceased to be able to respond to all the opportunities that were arising.
Due to an increase in demand, both at national and international level and raises in sales volumes and finance capacity, it became clear that there was a need to undergo new investments which could provide the company with a more efficient response capacity to satisfy the new needs of its clients and to be ready for new business opportunities.


. Pellets’ Factory
CBuilt and inaugurated in 2008, the factory was our first big investment.This investment was aimed at taking advantage of new business opportunities (Pellets), optimizing our sub-products from the mill of which we had excess stocks.

. Briquettes Factory
In 2010, a new briquettes factory was built. This new unit was built nearby the pellets’ factory, thus enabling a significant reduction in costs’ production exploiting the existing synergies between these two activities. With the new factory, the company saw its production capacity duplicated and the quality of its products reinforced.


Around the end of 2010, the administration of the company proceeded to the fusion by incorporation of Nova Lenha, Lda. resulting thus, in the sole existence of José Afonso & Filhos, SA.


Being one of its main assets, our brand “Nova Lenha”, is recognized both at national and international level.